Most technical companies understand the strength of their manufacturing floor starts with a well-run inventory and sourcing team. Our philosophy at Optical Sourcing Experts is to ease your manufacturing burden by providing quality components in a timely fashion. Our services range from inventory control at our facility just outside of Boston, to AQL-based quality inspection and Kanban systems to reduce the cost of inventory at your site. On-time delivery and top-quality parts to your facility ensure that your manufacturing facility spends time focusing on system level concerns while leaving the component-level worries to our well-versed team.

If there is a multiple part assembly, we can provide a fully delivered sub-assembly to your facility per your exact manufacturing requirements. A team of engineers will visit your facility to observe the assembly process and ensure that the manufacturing practices are preserved. The net result is more manpower at your facility while top-quality assemblies and components are delivered as expected and on time. Contact Optical Sourcing Experts for your custom inventory and assembly level solutions.

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