The cornerstone of Optical Sourcing Experts remains the ability to solve problems at the design/concept stage. Early in the development of a project lies the ability for OSE to elegantly solve a problem, design for manufacturability, and save tremendous amounts of time and money for your team. The versatility of Optical Sourcing Experts’ abilities ranges from Finite Element Analysis expertise to custom Optical Design in Zemax and Code V. System level environmental problems which involve complicated stress and strain analysis are areas of expertise for OSE as well. Included in our passion for engineering is the deep knowledge of both optical and mechanical metrology. Our desire to ensure the engineering concept is well-tested matches our excitement for measuring the appropriate system-level parameters.

Design for manufacturability with an eye toward the ease of assembly are a staple skill set of our design team as well. For any design concerns involving optical systems fabrication, optical design, opto-mechanics, mechanics, robotics, and electro-mechanics you can come to Optical Sourcing Experts for your custom solution and we will be happy to assist.

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